38-HOUR DRIVER ED PROGRAM                    


  • CONSIDER AN UPGRADE with more professional behind-the-wheel training, this cuts down on the required 50-Hours(15-Hrs must be at night) prior to a 16 year old getting an actual license.
  • FREE PICK-UP & PRIVATE CAR TRAINING- NO EXTRA CHARGE during the required behind-the-wheel portion of our course withhin our Slidell community area
  • MINIMUM DEPOSIT PAYMENT OF $50 is the only way to ensure a seat held in our course. This will represent a non-refundable deposit that may be transferrable to another one of our classes or class dates.     
  • ONLINE STUDENT ACCOUNTS This allows customers to make payments before class begins, during the classroom portion and before driving. Also, we provide access to our online Practice Test for the DMV written portion of the program.
  • NEWEST LOCATION We are now down the road from the Slidell "DMV", centrally located in our community for over 21 years!
  • DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE "Sibling Discounts", Military Discounts, Police and Firefighter Discounts may apply at the driving school discression. Only one discount per student allowed.
  • INTERPRETERS MAY BE ALLOWED Our instructors will speak English in the classroom and behind-the-wheel. Any exception to hearing, understanding, understanding spoken English, the student/parent may be required to an interpreter. We request an Interview and Identification for all interpreters.
  • WHAT WE NEED: Parent with their identification (or person with court papers showing custody, student state birth certificate, student school id (what grade they're in) SEE DOWNLOAD FORMS BELOW.
  • ADAPTIVE VEHICLE CONTROLS as an upgrade to our behind-the-wheel portion we have an automatic vehicle that uses push/pull or push/rock controls, spinner knobs, left-foot accelerators and pedal plates for those who qualify. Click Here 
  • PARENT:  Are encouraged to stay involved during all portions of driver education, we provide the Family Training Class, Approved by parent Driving Schedules and Assessments for each phase of driving. 





Aug. 8,10,12 & 15,17,19

Weeknights (4:30p-8p) & Saturdays (8a-4:30p)

SEPT-NO SUNDAYS Sept. 5,7,9 & 12,14,16

Weeknights (4:30p-8p) & Saturdays (8a-4:30p)

HOME SCHOOL-FALL Oct. 16,17,18,19 Weekdays Mon-Thur(8a-4p)
THANKSGIVING 2017 Nov. 18,19,20, & 21 Sat., Sun. Mon. & Tue. (8a-4p)

PROCESS FOR DRIVER EDUCATION. This consists of 30-Hours of classroom study and 8-hours of behind-the-wheel training. Student must be a minimum age of 14 years and 9 months and in the eighth (8th) grade prior to classroom beginning date. 

All of our 38-Hour students must be at least 15 years of age to start the actual behind-the-wheel portion. 

PARENT AND FAMILY EDUCATION. This 30-Minute parent course has proven to be very informative to prepare the parent for the process of helping the beginning driver get the correct information prior to going to the "DMV", further training and resources. 

PROCESS FOR OBTAINING A DRIVER'S LICENSE. Details are covered in our Parent Class portion of the course. Basically the parent must realize that if the person is 15 or 16 they are only allowed to apply for a Louisiana Learner's Permit after completing the course. They must keep this permit for 180 days or until they turn 16 years (whichever is the longest). 17 year olds may apply for either a permit or unrestricted license with parental permission. Each applicant must prove they are either in the 8th grade or higher or graduated each time they apply for a license at the state level until they reach 18 years of age.


THE CLASSROOM STUDYThe Classroom portion of the course involves establishing that a driver's license is a true privilege, and the understanding that the vehicle has the potential of taking away everything in life we cherish (family, health, time and money). We will teach that operating a car involves potential life-altering decisions each second that elapses. Make-Up Classes for the classroom is easily available for students who have to miss a portion of the course. 

  • Pedal Bike Exercise:  Students use "drunk" goggles that simulate the effects of impaired vision. A narrowness of peripheral vision is also simulated. (weather and parking lot permitting).
  • The Truth About Drugs:  A top of the line course added to our curriculum that has been proven to attract young peoples interest in hearing a truth about alcohol & drug awareness.
  • Games:  In the 30-Hour classroom portion offers more excitement and a fun, competitive atmosphere. 
  • Zone Control Presentation:This classroom session introduces the learner to understanding and eventually using a proven Zone Control Method by studying the use of "Area Divide". The goal is to learn how and when to create space and how to control your timing. 
  • Online Practice not necessarily a classroom activity, but highly recommended to learn State Guide Book Information. 


THE BEHIND-THE-WHEEL TRAINING This is the practical portion of the course  that is critical to the students driver education experience. We ONLY give individualized driving instruction with specific objectives, allowing the beginning driver's behind-the-wheel time to be more productive. We allow interpretors in the back seat with specific instructions on how to serve the driver.

Be assured that your child will be with an instructor and NO OTHER STUDENTS in the vehicle at any time during their driving experience. Our policy has always been just one (1) student in the vehicle. We don't allow "piggy backing" one student to another. We want to teach how to create a stress free driving environment with individualized driving instruction. 

  • Automatic / Economical / No High Performance Vehicles: all driver education vehicles in the state have dual brakes.
  • In-Vehicle Camera: available in several Louisiana Driving School vehicles. These are used primarily for the instructors and master instructors to review training sessions and plan for the students next lesson. These videos may also be used to train other instructors.
  • Qualified, Trained Instructors: all instructors are licensed by Louisiana Department of Public Safety, Office of Motor Vehicles. Additional training has been conducted by The Driving School Association of the Americas, Driver Competency Assessment, National Safety Council, Louisiana Tech (Rehab), Operation Lifesaver, Driving School Association of Louisiana and Driver Training Associates. 
  • Specific Lesson Objectives: each lesson is filled with challenges and productivity, where the student and instructor are critiqued.  Students do not "cruise" the road aimlessly.
  • Vehicle Awareness: a safe driver will know the vehicle they're driving and what to do to keep from damaging it. Students will be be introduced to a pre-driving protocol. 
  • Intersection Awareness:  where are they going to get hit? Over 40% of the crashes that a "good" driver gets into happen at intersections. Using a proven non-conventional technique and approach that allows the beginning driver to better understand intersection and the dangers before they arrive. 
  • Space Cushion Management:  controlling space around your vehicle takes a pro-active driver and discipline. Many of these skills are common sense, but are learned behavior. Louisiana Driving School students are trained to develop these skills.  


  • Visual Scanning Skills: scanning "outside" the lines to find dangers, separate them and how to compromise hazards.
  • Hand-to-Hand Steering / Shuffle Steering: (9-3 or 8-4) well proven and professionally taught steering technique to be used as a primary steering method. Because of airbag safety we have adopted this proven and more precise for steering. Correct steering for other maneuvers, including one-hand and hand-over-hand is also included.
  • Evaluations: insights from the instructor include training and evaluations. Evaluations are given on turns, basic control, parking, driving in traffic, turnabouts, student readiness and curve control.  A 70% assessment score is needed to earn certificate.
  • 8 (eight) hours Behind-the-Wheel (standard): fulfills the minimum state requirement (when taken with the appropriate classroom course) to receive a license. Complete the required eight hours behind-the-wheel training in a timely manner. Scheduling is flexible to accommodate your individual lifestyle. Our instruction staff is available from 8am to 9pm, 7 days a week. Additional training is available as needed.


17 Year Old Option: may upgrade to include State Required Road Skills Test. This allows the driving school to perhaps schedule the road test right after the student completes the required 8-Hrs behind-the-wheel training. $50 additional fee. 


THE CERTIFICATE OF SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION Upon completion of the driving portion of the course we will prepare the certificate needed to apply for either a permit or driver's license (depending on age of applicant).

The classroom instructor, behind-the-wheel trainer, student, parent and driving school owner must all initial and sign the certificate.

Be assured at Louisiana Driving School, we have always gone beyond the state requirements and will continue to be a leader in our community, in our state and on the national level as well.

  • Additional Behind-The-Wheel Training:  options available to those who want to make sure they have gained in proficiency. We believe that even a young adult, beginning driver can possess the defensive driving skills that take them beyond the average driver



Third-Party Road Test: any of our alumni student may schedule the State Road Skills test for a discounted price.  

Driver Competency Assessment: this upgrade is available to those who have obtained a state learner's license or unrestricted license. This assessment is the most proficient evaluation of driver.


 * Note: The state has the right to re-test any applicant for the road skills or the written test as a way to ensure proficiency and "checks and balances". 



Download Course Forms Here