Driver Competency Assessment

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 The Driver Competency Assessment is a standardized on-road evaluation that measures not only driving skills, but also the decision-making skills of a driver under various conditions.  Do not use the state road skills test for assessments or evaluation. The state road skills doesn't create a true profile. 

A driver profile is created, thus giving a measure of a driver's ability to manage risks while driving.

It addresses the question, “How much is this driver at risk in comparison to other drivers?”

By measuring a driver's ability to manage risks by assessing how a driver matches his or her cognitive, attentional, and psychomotor skills with his or her decision-making behavior.

The assessment matches his or her choice behaviors with his or her driving ability. 

The driver's crash potential, in high and low complexity situations by comparing the candidate with ‘average’, under normal driving conditions. Six driving parameters are measured.

  • Novice drivers completing a driver education course
  • Driver licensed patients
  • Drivers experiencing medical trauma

The Advantage of using a professional program:

  • It creates a profile indicating where the drive is on a normal distribution of risk
  • Determines the individual's likelihood of being involved in a crash
  • Measures how much variability the driver exhibits