Louisiana Guide Book Practice

 Most of the practice here comes from years of experience of teaching students. This includes years of working at the "DMV", working with the state and in reprersenting the state. There are currently to practices that complement the states Guidebook (since 1993 to current). Each practice consist of over 100 questions. However, the student only receives 40 practice questions at a time. The results are then scored. The student should take the practice as many times as they want. Then move on to the other practice.

 Further, it is recommend that the student/applicant actually read the state Guidebook at least 3 times prior to practicing. This practice does not guarantee any possible scores of passing on the required state written test given by the state or its representatives.


This is a practice for the states studyguide. It is recommended that you link to the states study guide or purchase a state studyguide from our company and read over it at least three times prior to testing your knowledge on the guidebook.

Louisiana Driving School does not guarantee that an applicant or student will pass the required state required written test. However, the studyguide is where all the necessary informaiton comes from.

The practice for the states studyguide is not a complete all inclusive testing on all the information needed for testing or all the information contained in the studyguide.