Instructors & Special Guest Speakers
Louisiana Driving School was established in 1993 by Jack & Sheila Varnado. They both have backgrounds that are conductive to safety and safe driving.

Locally we are charter members & officers of the Driving School Association of Louisiana (DSAL). Nationally we are members and officers of The Driving School Association of the Americas, Inc. (DSAA). For many years, we have worked with and learned from the top authorities in this industry and will continue to stay actively involved.

Some awards for our industry include: 


  • DSAL George Lee Award, 1999
  • DSAA President's Award, 2001
  • DSAA Cathy Hensel "Woman of the Year Award", 2003
  • DSAA The Leadership Award, 2005
  • DSAA President's Award, 2005
  • DSAA President's Award, 2011

Our experience includes a background with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections, Office of Motor Vehicles and we continue today as Third-Party Road Testers for the state. Additional training includes:

  • Louisiana Rehabilitation Driver Training for Disabled Persons and Adaptive Equipment
  • Driver Training Associates
  • Master Operator with DSAA
  • Operation Lifesaver Instructor Training
  • Inattentive and Distracted Drivers Training
  • National Safety Council DDC-4 Instructor
  • National Safety Council DDC-4, Alive At 25 Instructor
  • National Safety Council Train the Trainer Instructor
  • Louisiana Bioptic Training
  • Electronic Mobility Controls (EMC) Professional Development Program
  • DCA2 Driver Assessment
  • DCA: Decision Making and The Driving Task

We attribute much of our success to continuous training of our instructors and their dedication to working with the beginning driver. Offering an effective driver education curriculum, with instruction that includes one-student in the vehicle at a time and with lessons that are planned to benefit the individual student.

In His Hands,

Jack & Sheila Varnado

 Michael Grush

  • State Certified Driver Education Classroom Instructor 
  • State Certified Behind-the-Wheel Instructor
  • B.A., Social Studies, Physical Ed., Principal, Southeastern Louisiana University
  • M. ED., University of New Orleans  
  • Social Studies and Driver Education Teacher, Pearl River High School




 Jeffrey Panks

  • State Certified Behind-the-Wheel Instructor   
  • B.A. Health, Physical Ed & Safety Ed, Driver Education and Traffic Safety, Southeastern Louisiana University
  • Retired Driver Educator Teacher, Northshore High School, Slidell High School











 Paul Goff                                                                              

  • State Certified Behind-the-Wheel Instructor 
  • Youth Ministry, Dove Park Church of God
  • TA, Northshore Charter School


 Harriet Graves                                                                         (no photo)

  • State Certified Driver Education Classroom Instructor
  • State Certified Behind-the-Wheel Instructor 
  • STPSB, Transportation Dept.


 Michael R. Lively                                                                     (no photo)

  • Driver Education Classroom Instructor
  • Behind-the-Wheel Instructor 
  • B.A., New Mexico State University
  • U.S. Border Patrol, New Orleans

My name is Michael Lively and I live in Slidell, Louisiana. I've had the privilege to work with the folks at the Louisiana Driving School for approximately six months and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience thus far. In addition to instructing for the Louisiana Driving School., I am also a U.S. Border Patrol Agent going on nineteen years. The Border Patrol has taken me to duty stations in California, Arizona and now Louisiana. It also allowed me the opportunity to receive training and then serve as a driving instructor at the U.S. Border Patrol Academy in Charleston, South Carolina. I've served in the U.S. Army and am a graduate of New Mexico State University. I love LSU football and baseball and attend games as often as possible.

As an instructor, I intend to provide the best possible opportunities for students to learn to become safe, skillful drivers while giving each student the knowledge and ability to pass the final driving test before obtaining their driver's license.


 Krystal Goff                                                                           (no photo)

  • Driver Education Classroom InstructorReRegisRR 
  • Registered Nurse, State of Louisiana
  • Associate in Applied Science, Pearl River Community College 


From our Family to yours....

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