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 Associations that we are members of or recognize as leaders and lenders of our industry. These vendors do no necessarily indorse our driving school or driver education in general. However, we do use these vendors and associations as resources.

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
Advocates for Highway and Road Safety
Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialist

ADED-The Association for Driver Rehabiliation Specialists was established in 1977 to support professionals working in the field of driver education / driver training and transportation equipment modifications for persons with disabilities through education and information dissermination.

Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Driving School Association of Louisiana (DSAL)

We are charter members and have held officer titles over the years. Jack is currently serving as treasurer.

Driving School Association of the Americas (DSAA)

Our professional assocaiton for the driving school industry. Louisiana Driving School is an active member. We are the Communications Office and staff for the association. Our duties include membership, chief editor for the association magazine (Dual News), controller and convention chairperson.

Drunk Busters
Firestone / Bridgestone (Tire Safety)
Louisiana's Destination Zero Deaths Campaign

Federally financed Safety Stradegy adopted by Louisiana to address motor vehicle fatalities.

Louisiana Organ Procurement Program

The gift of life—pass it on. Organ and tissue donors save lives. It takes less than 2 minutes to complete the donor registry form. If you would like to be an organ donor, just say YES. The Legacy Donor Registry is a division of the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency. For more information about organ and tissue donations, contact Louisiana Organ Procurement Program at 3501 N. Causeway Blvd., Suite 940, Metairie, Louisiana 70002 or visit the website You can also sign up to be an organ donor at the website


Operation Lifesaver (Railroad Safety)

Jack and Sheila Varnado have completed the 10 hour instructor training course as OLI presentors.

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