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There is no guarantee that the successful completion of any of these courses will earn you approval to open a driving school or become a driving instructor in the State of Louisiana. There are many other factors and qualifications. The first level is one of the minimum requirements for to be included with an application for a conducting your own driving school business.

$995.00 Level 1. We will offer to the approved candidate who is interested in becoming a driving school instructor and/or driving school owner our state approved 30 hour driver education course. Policy and rules will apply and must be agreed upon. A passing score of 80% is required to earn the Certificate of Successful Completion, which is needed as part of any application.

$2,500.00 Level 2. This level is the most important to offering a driver education course in your community. We will provide a private driver assessment prior to the training, to tailor the course for you or your instructors. 

  • DCA1 Assessment / Behind-the-Wheel Driver Competency Assessment for each candidate and Report
  • 10 Hours of BTW training (one-on-one with our training instructor)
  • Observation time with instructor and student.
  • Reviewing the assessment process of behind-the-wheel training
  • Understanding of the training approach and processes. With available training tools
  • Understanding of the teen and adult students.
  • Left-Hand Steering Techniques

Additional Resource:

$1500 The Powerpoint presentations used during the training will be made available once the course is successfully completed. These slides should be used as a foundation and customized to suit your training style and needs.

The training doesn't include state non-required courses, court ordered courses, driver competency training course.