to Louisiana Driving School, we've been serving St. Tammany Parish for over 25 years. We have put together a plan for you, your friends and family that includes the best safety education for driving. We continue to offer packages and programs that will meet your individual needs.  

 The states required courses for obtaining a driver's license  include our own proven curriculum, plus the states information. Families that need an elderly persons driving assessed. Courts and Businesses that want an offender or employee to undergo driver improvement. Staff that needs more information. Perhaps First Aid or CPR classes to make you prepared for those situations you may face.    


 Driver Competency Assessments:  Due to medical, physical reasons a driver may become a risk to themselves or their family. Companies have the potential to loose much with a driver who may not understand why they are causing incidents or collisions where they may loose more than just time away from work. Call our CDC Examiner to see how this 30-40 minute behind-the-wheel assessment can benefit.

Driver Rehabilitation Specialist  On-road evaluations to determine degree of safety risk for driving, assessment of vehicle ingress/egress, mobility aid management (e.g., ability to transport a wheelchair or scooter), vehicle preparation, vehicle control, adherence to traffic rules and regulations, environmental awareness and interpretation, and consistent use of compensatory strategies for visual, cognitive, physical, and behavioral impairments.

 Teen Driver 

15, 16 & 17 Years of Age

In this state required course we are sharing with the student the most updated techniques for learning, making decisions on the road and performing beyond most driving schools private or public's minimum standards. This course involves establishing that a driver's license is a true privilege. Options available: for 17 year old to take road test and save on skill testing. See our Teen Driver Ed Courses for schedules and right Program for your beginning driver.





 Adult Driver

18 Years & Above

Our Adult Driver Courses allow the participant to get through the basics of the states required guidebook and afford them the information needed to be successful in taking the states written test with us! After completing the classroom, the participant will be eligible to start the 8-Hour driver training portion and a states Road Skills Test. See our Adult Driver Courses for the right Program for you!

 Driver Improvement

National Safety Council® Defensive Driving Course

All government municipalities are more familiar with The National Safety Councils® DDC4 approved driver improvement course for over 100 years. This course is for both beginner drivers and experienced drivers. This program has actually proven to most effective in influencing safe driver behaviors and skills. Many insurance companies approve this for discounts on automobile insurance...check with your agent today! Course Includes DDC-4 Book and Certificate. 

 Road Skills Test  


Anyone may take our state approved road-skills test. This includes the use of our driver education vehicle on a designated route. Approximately 20 minute road-skills test. CALL (985)643-7803 to either make a reservation or to make plans to walk-in. You may also send an email to: safetydriven@gmail to request an appointment. 

$50 Alumni Student 

$60 Outside Student