PHONE: 985.643.7803


From Gause Blvd.: Turn onto Lindberg Drive where McDonalds' Restaurant is on the corner. Then about 1000 ft. turn into shopping center on the left.

From Fremaux Ave: At Fremaux and Summit Blvd. turn away from the shopping center onto the frontage road. Follow for a ways on our location is on the right after passing up "DMV" on left and after going through two sharp curves. 


Suite 2
1352 Lindberg Drive
Slidell, LA
United States

From Gause Blvd.: Coming from the west turn right at the signal light for McDonlald's Restaurant and Lindberg Drive (same road as "DMV") From Fremaux Ave: Coming from the east cross over the overpass for I-10 and Fremaux Ave. Turn right at the signal light for Summit Blvd. / Lindberg Extension, which is on the other side of the overpass for I-10

Whether you are from the New Orleans area or Mississippi, you will find this location conveniently located in the beautiful Camilla City of Slidell.


     CPR, First Aid



Why Louisiana Driving School could be the best choice for the beginning driver? 

At most driving schools their primary focus, is to help you get a driver's license. That's what they do. They will meet the states minimum standards. With those minimum standards you go out and pass the test. You get the driver's license and what do you have then? At that point, most beginning drivers know just enough to be a danger to themselves and others.

Too many beginner drivers will end up in crashes that first year they begin to drive with the parent having to be in the vehicle. The First year of driving is the riskiest year! Because they have not been trained well enough or given the frequent consistent repetition and the guided instruction they need to be a more pro-active collision free driver. 

It's as simple as that. There aren't any shortcuts here.You are about to embark into the adult world...driving. Do not short change this critical training and leave it up to chance.