PARENTS:  State law requires that anyone applying for a Louisiana driver's license must now complete a course that includes 8-Hours of Behind-the-Wheel Training.

Driving with...

  • 19 year old sibling who got their license in 2010: NOT OKAY!
  • Mom who has had her license since 1982 with no suspensions: OKAY!
  • A family friend who has had their license since 2008: OKAY!
  • Dad, who got his license back in 2008 after it was suspended in 2007: NOT OKAY!
  • Driving with Louisiana Driving School: Definitely OKAY!

Louisiana Driving School offers Private Behind-the-Wheel Instructions, which count towards the 50-Hour State RequirementsNo matter how great of a driver you are (or think you are...), we strongly recommend you invest in some Private Lessons for you or your beginning driver. The time spent with us will lay a foundation of skills that teens can go home and work on. These lessons will provide first time drivers with a number of tips that will not only help pass the license test, but will teach them how to be a safe driver once they have their license. Lessons will always be one-on-one and will address the student's exact needs behind the wheel. 

To schedule lessons:

PRIVATE BEHIND-THE-WHEEL LESSONS  Louisiana Driving School prides itself on safety. Every one of our dual-controlled instruction vehicles goes for routine maintenance every 3,000 miles. Each car is inspected for any safety flaws daily. Our cars are all late model, low mileage vehicles held to the highest safety standards. Each staff member goes through semi-annual training to assure they are up to date on all current laws and training methods. Our staff and our equipment are our product, and we invest heavily in both to make sure that you, our customers, receive the most for your dollar.

Prerequisite: must have a license or learner's permit licence or have completed a required classroom before scheduling Behind-The-Wheel Lessons.



A: BEHIND-THE-WHEEL ASSESSMENTS: $149.00 for those individuals seeking an evaluation / assessment of driving skill followed by a recommendation. Recommended for young adults and those who have experienced trauma. This is a scientific approach to assessment where an instructors bias will not affect the outcome. This includes a 15 to 20 assessment report after. We will conduct the assessment in our non-marked driver training vehicle on a route here in Slidell, LA. The evaluation starts/ends at our office. $149.00 (40-50 minute assessment)  


B: FRESH AND PREP $125.00 This includes working on basic maneuvers required to pass the Louisiana Driver license Road Test.  This course includes one (1) hour practice; and one (1) 3rd Party Road Skills Test. Excellent for those who have been practicing but lack the confidence or have failed the road test before. (1-Hour BTW, 1-State Road Test) or (1.5-Hour BTW, No State Road Test)


C: 4-HOUR PACKAGE $259.00 This is designed for those who have successfully completed a required driver training course, but would like more practice to build proficiency with awareness and a better understanding of the dangers in the different driving environments. We will be working on confidence where you feel like you are always in control. (4-Hours Behind-the-Wheel Training lessons) 

D: EXPRESSWAY TRAINING PACKAGE $259.00 This package includes training in our area on Interstates 10, 59 and 12. The learner will understand and use techniques on space and timing control for maneuvers on and off the expressways. 18 Wheeler survival techniques are simple to learn and practice with a professional.  (4 Hours Behind-the-Wheel Training lessons)

E: QUICK-SIX PACKAGE $295.00 These lessons are designed to establish greater confidence and skill than what is generally offered by traditional driver educators, especially if the student was too immature or had unusual fear to driving.  (6-Hours Behind-the-Wheel Training Lessons) BEST PRICE

F. GREAT-WITH-EIGHT PACKAGE $395.00 These 8 hours will advance the defensive driving skills of the new driver. This is a great course for the students with "no driving experience" who want a basic foundation. (8-Hours Behind-the-Wheel Training Lessons) BEST PRICE 

G. PLENTY-WITH-TWENTY PACKAGE $999.00 This course is excellent in establishing a solid foundation, especially those who would rather be trained by a professional to ensure a much higher degree of proficiency in all maneuvers and environments. This is an excellent program for the beginner who is either naive or just a novice driver. We will include at least 2 or more lessons at night(20-Hours BTW Training Lessons) 

 H. ULTIMATE FIFTY PACKAGE $2,499.00 This package completes the required 50 hours behind-the-wheel training (15 hrs at night) prior to applying for a license before age 16 or 17 can apply for either a license or restricted license. Let us do all the training over a longer period of time. [50-Hours BTW Training Lessons (15-Hours must be at night)] INCLUDES A ROAD SKILLS TEST TOWARD THE TIME THE STATE ALLOWS

DEFENSIVE DRIVING & BEHIND-THE-WHEEL COURSE $139.00 : This includes: a one-day 4-hour classroom and one-2 hour driving lesson. So, after completing The National Safety Council's Defensive Driving Course, then we will schedule a 2-Hour Behind-the-Wheel training and assessment in our vehicle, based on techniques learned in the classroom. A written assessment form indicating crash probability for your employor or a written assessment for indicated what was practice and driver awareness. SIGN UP HERE



 ADAPTIVE VEHICLE CONTROLS as an upgrade to our behind-the-wheel portion we have an automatic vehicle that uses push/pull or push/rock controls, spinner knobs, left-foot accelerators and pedal plates for those who qualify 






Our 20th Anniversary !  We continue to be sought after by new schools because of our expert experience in the field of road safety. Our list of accomplishments continue to grow as we continue to offer the curriculum in the area.     

The results of these classes, courses or behind-the-wheel training or assessments should be viewed as an indication of the driver’s functional driving ability at the time of the evaluation/assessment, and NOT as a comprehensive measure of driving potential or predictor of future performance.   


We reserve the right to refuse to conduct business with those individuals or companies who we view to be misrepresenting themselves.