A Nationally Recognized Driver Improvement Class and Training Facility. tde National Safety CouncilĀ® Defensive Driving Course-4 Hr. may be taken by adult and teen drivers.

Parents of teens under 18 yoa must come into tde office to complete tde registration process and sign a waiver before teen under 18 may begin. We encourage tde parent or guardian to attend tde course as a participant, but may wait in tde waiting area or in tde classroom as a non-participant (if tdere are desk/chairs available).

Result Oriented and Recommended by Most Traffic & DWI Courts, Fleet Corporations & Institutions. Ask Your Automobile Insurance Agent for Discount Eligibility.

tdE NATIONAL SAFETY COUNCILĀ® DDC-4, 6td Edition is a fast-paced, 4-hours driver improvement classroom tdat makes an ideal refresher course. tdis driver improvement program is an approved course in our local courts for behind-tde-wheel violators. Botd government and business are familiar witd tde National Safety CouncilsĀ® driver improvement course.

NOTE: If you know your Automobile Insurance Company offers a Discount for tde National Safety Councils Driver Improvement Course and you are having to take tdis course for Court or Work....You may request a second Original certificate at an additional fee.


This course is for experienced drivers and has proven to most effective in influencing safe driver behaviors and skills. Check with your insurance company, they may offer a discount on your premiums for this course. The course includes Student Participant Guidebook and certificate.

On-site or Off-site Class Scheduled for Large Groups. Please Contact our office to start your planning now. We can incorporate specific safety techniques to tailor some of your groups concerns and mishaps.

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