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ROAD SKILLS TEST FEES/PER ATTEMPT: (Only Allowed In Our Driver Education Vehicles)

  • $50 APPLICANT:  Total Fee $50* ea. attempt ($40 test and only $10 for our vehicle rental)
  • $125 APPLICANT using Our Rehabilitation Specialist/OMV TPT Agent: ($40 for test and $85 for our Driver Rehabilitation Specialist with or without adaptive equipment vehicle rental or extensive testing for Bioptic Applicants) Call if you have any questions. Call: (985)643-7803 

            *Applicants with adaptive controls and/or Bioptic, additional fee will apply. Call our office for quote. 

A pre-approved route, using our driver education vehicle with or without any magnets to identify our vehicle. Takes about 20 minutes to complete the route under most conditions.

All student are welcomed, however you MAY BE ASKED PAY FOR THE APPOINTMENT via over the phone, website or by coming into our facility prior to the event date. 

 TEEN ROAD SKILLS TEST   Parent whose name is on the State Birth Certificate must be present upon final application the day of the test. However, the parent may have the option to coming into the facility to sign their portion of paperwork required prior to taking the Teen Road Skills Test. Then, the applicant/student may brought to our facility at an agreed upon date/time by anyone to take the test.


.AGE 16:                               

  • Applicant Must have had Learner's Permit a minimum 180 days. (check issue date on LP)
  • Present state birth certificate to us and State
  • Applicant Must Present State Learner's permit to us and State or Tag Agency
  • Parent & Parent Name on the State Birth Certificate
  • Applicant Must have High School Enrollment Form before going to State or Tag Agency*

 AGE 17:

  • Must See Student/Applicant Driver Education Certificate of Completion from any approved driver education school AND Temporary Instructors Permit (TIP)....or
  • Student/Applicant State Learner's Permit for us and State or Tag Agency
  • Present state birth certificate to us and State or State Agency (if LP was obtained)
  • State Birth Certificate provided to us, State or Tag Agency (if LP was obtained)
  • Applicant Must have High School Enrollment Form for State or Tag Agency (if LP was obtained) 


  • Present State Temporary Instructor Permit (TIP) or Learner Permit (LP)
  • Certificate of Completion for any state approved Driver Education course/school.
  • Present State Approved Identification (if prior to September , 2018)


We are licensed by Louisiana Department of Public Safety, Office of Motor Vehicles to conduct 3rd -Party Road Skill test for Class D & E type license. The fee includes one attempt at passing the state road skills test, using our unmarked driver education vehicle on our state approved route and the fee approved by state.

A passing score of 80% before the applicant can earn the certificate of completion for a road skills test.

You should register online and make payment either before calling or after making an appointment by calling:  (985) 643-7803 or email the OFFICE



Automatic Failures Include, but not limited to:

  • Run a red light
  • Incomplete stop at stop sign
  • Cause an accident that is your fault
  • Cause an incident
  • Refusing to obey instructions
  •  Speeding



Bioptic Applicants: 

  • Same as above
  • Longer Route
  • Using Running Commentary for specific requirements:spotting traffic signs, identification of signs, spotting traffic lights, identification of color of traffic lights, spotting other road users: Judgment of accuracy and timing.
  • Distance behind vehicles for Bioptic licensing.
  • Daytime Only


     CPR, First Aid



Why Louisiana Driving School could be the best choice for the beginning driver? 

At most driving schools their primary focus, is to help you get a driver's license. That's what they do. They will meet the states minimum standards. With those minimum standards you go out and pass the test. You get the driver's license and what do you have then? At that point, most beginning drivers know just enough to be a danger to themselves and others.

Too many beginner drivers will end up in crashes that first year they begin to drive with the parent having to be in the vehicle. The First year of driving is the riskiest year! Because they have not been trained well enough or given the frequent consistent repetition and the guided instruction they need to be a more pro-active collision free driver. 

It's as simple as that. There aren't any shortcuts here.You are about to embark into the adult world...driving. Do not short change this critical training and leave it up to chance.